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About :

    NeoReel is a refreshing company working within the ever-changing special effects and gaming industry. Based in the heart of Montreal, our work has been required throughout North America.

    We specialize in computer-assisted productions and are currently working on several projects that involve motion capture, coding languages and the latest technology. Our contributing blood, sweat and tears goes into film, game, television, publicity and multimedia-based projects.

    NeoReel is renowned for its quality 3D computer graphics and animations. We also provide consultation to companies that wish to develop and maximize their projects and ideas within our field of specialty. In the process, we broaden our artists' horizons.

    Our list of clients has us working worldwide in technologically advanced cities, such as New York, Paris, Toronto and Los Angeles. We are always looking to be involved with new projects within Quebec and elsewhere.

    Armed with our computers and experience, we aim for excellence - the secret to our success!

    Please feel free to contact us anytime via email or phone.

    Thanks for your visit!

History :

    NeoReel Inc. was founded in 2001 by Marc-André Guindon, an ambitious guy from an artistic family. His exploration of 3D began when he was just a kid.

    Following a couple of long-term jobs, Marc-André leapt into the world of freelance. He started his own company in his bachelor apartment with the determination that he could live off the creation of virtual worlds.

    NeoReel is now a well-established studio on St-Laurent street, in downtown Montreal.

    NeoReel' list of clients continues to grow and includes such companies as Autodesk, 20th Century Fox, Electronic Arts, Persistence of Vision, Red-Eye Studio and many more.

    NeoReel is listed as one of the best and most versatile users of Autodesk's flagship software, Maya and MotionBuilder. Marc-André is an official Autodesk Maya Master and also a teacher for Autodesk Master Classes at well-attended international conventions, such as Siggraph.
    NeoReel also makes excellent usage of MotionBuilder and has worked with cutting edge technology since its very first release.

    NeoReel strives to be a polyvalent production studio, where employees will enjoy a professional, high-quality, and dynamic working environment, and we offer our clients the best possible services.

- Marc-André Guindon     

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